You will find below the courses taught for the year 2017-18  and the case studies published in the related areas.


International Business Negotiation (MSc in International Business)

This course addresses the objectives and stakes of international negotiation for firms. Negotiation skills are taught and extensively practised through case studies and role-plays. Intercultural communication is addressed.

Business Negotiation for Sales Engineers (Master in Management and ISEN)

This course addresses the topic of business negotiation for engineers aiming atworking in sales. Negotiation skills are taught and implemented through the design of a technical offer and its presentation to a prospect.

Business Development and Performance Analysis (Bachelor in Marketing and e-Business)

This module is dedicated to the commercial development of firms, through the negotiation of existing and new business and the management of business performance to optimize profitability.

Tourism Master Class (Bachelor in Marketing and e-Business)

The tourism master class, as the next step to the tourism marketing and entreneurship classes, aims at strengthening the students’ understanding of tourism development and its stakeholders. The Learning process is structured around the visits of private firms and public institutions involved in tourism development, and a series of conferences

Entrepreneurship in tourism (Bachelor in Marketing and e-Business)

This module aims at providing students with the necessary bases to understand the opportunities associated with entrepreneurship in the tourism industry. Ia laso provides them with the necessary bases to an innovative offer in tourism.

Case studies


MOAL-ULVOAS, G. (2016), Costa Cruises in China: taking culture into account to tap the potential of the Chinese market, ECCH (516-0027-1)

International business development

MELLE, D. et ULVOAS, G. (2011), International Development, CFTP (French Landscaping Works Company): Opportunities and Strategies, ECCH (312-049-1)

MELLE, D. et ULVOAS, G. (2010), « Le développement international : opportunités et stratégies pour la CFTP », CCMP(G1692)

MELLE, D. et ULVOAS, G. (2004), « Exporter ou la capacité à s’adapter, la CFTP au Maroc », CCMP (G1336)

Business negotiation

ULVOAS G. (2008), Key Account Negotiator at Scientists On Assignment, ECCH (508-013-1)

ULVOAS G.  (2008), Account Manager at Scientists On Assignment, ECCH (508-012-1)

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