Published research

Research interests

senior consumers, spirituality and meaning creation in consumption, tourism, services marketing. 


Peer reviewed journals

Moal-Ulvoas G. (2017), Positive emotions and spirituality in older travelers, Annals of Tourism Research, 66, pp. 151-158.

Taylor V., Halstead D. and Moal-Ulvoas G. (2017), Millennial Consumer Responses to Christian Religious Symbols in Advertising: A Replication Study, Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science, 17, 1, p. 1-18.

Moal-Ulvoas G. (2016), The tourism experience offered by religious theme parks: the case of Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI) in Malaysia, International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (à paraître)

Moal-Ulvoas, G. (2016), Spirituality and the travel motivations of older adults, International Journal of Religious tourism and Pilgrimage, 4, pp. 79-85.

Moal-Ulvoas, G. et Taylor, V. (2014), The spiritual benefits of travel for older adults, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 13, 6, 453-462.

Moal-Ulvoas, G. (2014), Les motivations à voyager des retraités : l’influence du vieillissement étudiée via la théorie de la gérotranscendance, Décisions Marketing, 76, 29-45.

Koubaa, Y.; Ulvoas, G. et Chew, P. (2011), The dual impact of traditional and national cultural values on expatriate ethnic groups’ attitudes and willingness to buy, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 23, 5, 626-640.


Duyck J.Y, Moal-Ulvoas G. et Voynnet-Fourboul C. (2017), Management et spiritualité, Editions MPE : Caen.

Moal-Ulvoas, G. (2014), Business Negotiation, De Boeck: Louvain la Neuve (BE).

Book chapters

Moal-Ulvoas G. et Voynnet-Fourboul C. (2017), Introduction, in Management et spiritualité, Editions MPE : Caen, pp. 11-29.

Duyck J.Y., Mhenaoui I. et Moal-Ulvoas G. (2017), Esprit es-tu las ? De la nécessité d’un apport spirituel dans les organisations, in Management et spiritualité, Editions MPE : Caen, pp. 33-47.

Moal-Ulvoas G. (2017), Spiritualité et comportement de consommation, in Management et spiritualité, Editions MPE : Caen, pp. 99-111.

Peer reviewed conference papers

Moal-Ulvoas, G.; Mhenaoui, I. et Duyck J.Y. (2016), Esprit es-tu las ?, Workshop IV Management et Spiritualité: Faut-il désavouer le management spirituel ?, Université Catholique de Louvain, March 8 2016, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium).

Moal-Ulvoas, G.; Mhenaoui, I. et Duyck J.Y. (2016), Esprit es-tu las ?, Journée de recherche Entreprise et Spiritualité, Brest Business School, January 28 2016, Brest (France).

Moal-Ulvoas, G. (2015), Travelling contributes to older adults’ spiritual growth and positive ageing, 7th Annual International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Conference, June 10-13, Girona (Spain).

Moal-Ulvoas, G. (2014), Segmenting the retired travelers’ market: a French study of older adults motivations to travel in the context of ageing, TTRA Europe Conference 2014, June 18-20, Brugge (Belgium).

Moal-Ulvoas, G. (2014), Les motivations à voyager des retraités français: conception d’une échelle de mesure, Congrès AFM 2014, May 14-16, Montpellier (France).

Moal-Ulvoas, G. (2013), What prevents older adults from traveling as much as they wish they would?, North American ACR Conference 2013, Octobre 4-6, Chicago (USA).

Moal-Ulvoas, G. (2013), “I wish I would travel more often”: Understanding the travel barriers for older adults, TTRA Europe Conference 2013, April 17-19, Dublin (Ireland).

Sessarego, S. et Ulvoas, G. (2012), Country of origin effet on brand personality, quality and purchase intention for apparel products : the A L’AISE BREIZH case, International Marketing Trends Conference 2012, January 19-21, Venitia (Italy).

Chew, P.; Koubaa, Y. et Ulvoas, G. (2011), The dual impact of traditional and national values on attitudes and willingness to buy cosmetics in Singapore, GBATA 2011 conference, July 12-16, Istanbul. (Turkey)  

Ulvoas, G. (2011), The spiritual benefits of tourism for senior tourists: a new perspective on senior tourism, Journée AFM Tourisme – TTRA 2011, April 11-13, Archamps (Switzerland).

Ulvoas, G. (2011), Le consommateur senior est un être spirituel, Journée d’Etude sur le Vieillissement, MSHB, January 21, Rennes (France).

Ulvoas, G. (2010), Spiritually motivated tourism of older adults, European Advances in Consumer Research, June 30 – July 1st, London (UK). 

Ulvoas, G. (2010), Research Hypotheses for the influence of spirituality on the consumer behaviour of older adults, 9ème Conférence Internationale Marketing Trends, January 21-23, Venitia (Italy).

Ulvoas, G. (2009), Vers une nouvelle représentation du consommateur senior : celle d’un être spirituel, La Société des Seniors, Jeunesse d’un Défi, November 26, Paris (France).

Ulvoas, G. (2009), Exploring the influence of spirituality: a new perspective on senior consumers’ behaviour, Advances in Consumer Research North America, October 22-24, Pittsburg (USA).

Ulvoas, G. (2009), L’influence de la spiritualité sur le comportement du consommateur : clarifications conceptuelles, état des recherches et voies de recherches futures, 8ème Journées Normandes de Recherches sur la Consommation, March 12-13, Caen (France).

Ulvoas, G. (2009), Spiritualité et comportement du consommateur senior, 8th Internationale Marketing Trends Conference, January 16-17, Paris (France).

Ulvoas, G. et Melle, D. (2008), Opportunités et risques de la création-animation de cas pédagogiques issus de l’expérience professionnelle du formateur : application à deux cas dans le domaine de la gestion, 5e Colloque Questions de Pédagogies dans l’Enseignement Supérieur, June 17-20, Brest (France).

Ulvoas, G. (2007), Les valeurs traditionnelles chinoises et singapouriennes : influence sur l’attitude et le comportement de la consommatrice singapourienne chinoise en matière de beauté, Colloque « A la recherche de la performance », February 1-2, Brest (France).


Ulvoas, G. (2007), Influence Influence of spirituality on the consumer behaviour of senior adults, Doctoriales de Bretagne 2007, November 18-23n Vannes (France). Poster selected for the promotion of research in Brittany (disaply on bus shelters for a month).

Research activities

Phd evaluation

External examiner for “Job Satisfaction & Turnover Intention among Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing Professionals in India”, M. M.A. Sanjee, PhD candidate, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (Inde)

Conference organization

Research colloquium “Time and spirituality” at Université Paris 2, March 22nd 2018 : member of the scientific committee

Research colloquium “Time and management” at IAE Brest March, March 28-29th 2018: member of the scientific committee

Research colloquium “Management and Spirituality” at BBS January 28th 2016 : member of the scientific committee, member of the organization committee, marketing session chair and corporate round table moderator

AFM 2012 Congress in Brest : member of the organization committee

ANR research grant application

Team leader on the STRAWBERRY ANR pre-project application in 2014-15, ranked 1st in its category (Innovative, integrative and adaptive Societies challenge, « Innovations » theme, financing « International project with a foreign agency»).

Data collection and analysis

Data collection : face to face depth interviews, surveys (face to face questionnaire, self-administered questionnaire and online survey (SurveyMonkey)

Data analysis : statistical analysis, PCA, CFA (SPSS) ; structural equation modeling (EQS) ; qualitative analysis (NVIVO)

Research groups and membership

Member of  Management and Spirituality Research Group (Université de Paris 2 – BBS)

Member of the French Marketing Association since 2005

Member of the Association for Consumer Research (US chapter) since 2006.


Journals : Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Décisions Marketing.

Conferences : AFM, ACR North American Conference, International Marketing Trends Conference.

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